our sunday affairs - "cave" (12") 12" Vinyl


"If one was to give out an award for 'most endearing' album of the year, Our Sunday Affairs would be onto a winner. Through Jake Schwab's off tune, discordant vocals, Tom Weil's late 90s indie rock meets modern emo guitar work and the band's generally sweet, obtuse lyricism, Cave deals in the type of wide eyed youthfulness which fueled the teens of the 90s to take the music of Built To Spill, Weezer and Modest Mouse into their hearts." - Kelly Doherty from absolutepunk.net

The first and last full length album by NJ's Our Sunday Affairs. One of my personal favorite bands in recent memory.

test presses will have screen-printed jackets with inverted artwork(black on white). They will likely be hand-numbered. They won't have the inserts that the regular press will have, however.

Bundles featuring copies of "Cave" on tape via Seizure Man and also the last copies of Our Sunday Affairs' previous EP "City of Dogs" on CD, a prequel to the story of "Cave".


Pressing Information

first press:
150 transparent green 12"s
150 grey/white split 12"s
50 clear 12"s with pink, white, and black smoke and inverted screenprinted jackets (TEST PRESS)
50 clear 12"s with pink, white, and black smoke and blank red jackets (REJECTED TEST PRESS)